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News January 19, 2022

Cash flow in times of crisis: Airbank extends free version until the end of the Corona pandemic

Cash planning is essential, especially in times of crisis. It forms the basis for future business decisions, approvals of bank loans, and ensures the continued existence of a company. The Corona pandemic has presented many companies with major challenges - combined with concerns about how to proceed in the future.

Airbank takes these concerns seriously and supports entrepreneurs in the current situation. Because the pandemic is lasting longer than expected, we are extending the free version of our product: the basic version of Airbank's liquidity planning software will remain free until the end of the Corona pandemic. We are here for small businesses and entrepreneurs to support them in difficult times.

"Cash flow is the pulse of a business. If business processes do not generate enough cash, the business is not in balance and its existence is quickly threatened. One of the main tasks of entrepreneurs and managers is therefore to maintain liquidity," says Christopher Zemina, founder and CEO of Airbank.

The reserved consumer confidence due to the ever-changing infections of the Corona crisis constantly creates difficulties for companies when it comes to such necessary business planning. Airbank's software helps entrepreneurs to put measures in place in their companies to secure their own liquidity and survive the Corona crisis as unscathed as possible.

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